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A Step Ahead for West Tennessee

Who We Are

We are an affiliate agency of A Step Ahead Foundation out of Memphis. ASAF in Memphis was founded by retired Juvenile Judge Claudia Haltom who repeatedly saw young parents in her courtroom who would lose custody of their children to the state simply because they were too young and not ready to have children. After studying this issue and reviewing similar programs, Judge Haltom created a Step Ahead to education, empower and encourage young women to get A Step Ahead in life by planning their families, getting an education, finding a decent job and waiting to have a baby until they were ready. By removing the barriers to the most effective forms of contraceptives, we believe we can reduce teen pregnancy rates, reduce abortion rates, improve health outcomes for babies and mothers and reduce poverty and welfare dependence.

What We Do

We encourage young women to stay in school, get an education, have a job BEFORE they start a family. We empower young women by providing them information about the most effective forms of birth control (long acting reversible contraceptives or LARC) and we encourage women to use these forms of contraceptives by paying for any and all costs associated with securing, or removing, an LARC.


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